Monday, June 17, 2019


June, 2008

Advancing Professional Certification

At the community level, the most influential administrative position in First Nations governments are First Nations administrators. First Nations administrators include band managers, CEOs, COOs, and other senior managers. These key administrative positions play a significant role in the success of any initiative at the community level – including the broad goal of moving away from the Indian Act towards inherent right-based self-governance.
Certification of First Nation administrators may be the most efficient way to direct post-secondary programs to teach the skills required to move from the Indian Act to inherent right-based self-governance.
On April 9th NCFNG-BC Region co-hosted a one-day forum with AFOA-BC Chapter to engage BC First Nation administrators in a discussion about the need for an association of Band Administrators and professional certification.
The forum was attended by approximately 40 BC First Nation administrators. There was overwhelming support from participants for the concept. Much of the discussion of the day focused on strategies for advancing the concept nationally. Based on feedback from the forum, the NCFNG is committed to working cooperatively with AFOA Canada to advance a national association and certification system for First Nation administrators.