Monday, June 17, 2019


February, 2009

Custom Election Code Workshop - Alderville First Nation

Alderville First Nation hosted a two-day Custom Election Codes Workshop delivered by the National Centre for First Nations Governance. Alderville First Nation, is located in South-Central Ontario.
Workshop participants included staff employed in nearby First Nations.  The participants had a keen interest in sharing and obtaining as much information as possible so that their community could make an informed decision on whether to implement a Custom Election Code.
Workshop topics included election codes and good governance, custom election codes process and implementation, the steps required to go from the Indian Act to a custom election codes, and samples of court cases involving custom code challenges,
The workshop employed World Café and Interview Matrix facilitation exercises designed to shift the communication and agenda setting directly to the participants. Facilitator’s guided the participants through the communications process ensuring that the topics were thoroughly discussed and deconstructed.
In summary, the session was very successful and there is interest in delivering this workshop to other Ontario communities.