Monday, June 17, 2019


October, 2010

Membertou Engages Citizens in Journey to Self-Government

NCFNG has partnered with the Membertou Governance Committee to facilitate six nation rebuilding workshops and two community engagement Sessions by March 31st, 2011.

“NCFNG is excited about Membertou’s invitation to work together on an ongoing basis to achieve their nation rebuilding and community engagement goals. Meaningful engagement of citizens is an integral part to the nation rebuilding process, and we commend Membertou for taking these important steps”, shares Tracy Cloud, NCFNG Atlantic regional officer.

Membertou Governance Committee met with NCFNG on several occasions last year to begin reviewing and organizing in the different areas of governance that Membertou has decided to exercise their inherent rights within. They began developing their own codes, laws, and systems which are culturally appropriate to their people. They determined that this process of law and code development must be a transparent process, inclusive of all Membertou citizens including elders and youth.

Capacity development among their citizens was recognized as important by the committee. A call-out was sent to Membertou citizens, seeking volunteers to assist in guiding the development process. There was great interest and all those who applied were advised that they were all chosen to sit on the committee. The Governance Committee is comprised of council, key administrators, elders, youth, single Parents and working citizens.

As part of Membertou’s commitment to the nation rebuilding process, they felt it would be prudent to hire a full time employee that would be solely dedicated to the community’s governance efforts. Cheryl Knockwood has assumed a permanent position with Membertou as Governance Coordinator.

On October 21st, NCFNG will facilitate the first official Membertou Governance Committee meeting where the members will have the opportunity to meet and organize, as well as, develop a code of conduct/ethics for the Committee.