Thursday, April 27, 2017
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First Nation Leadership Essentials

Effective leadership is vital to successful Nation rebuilding and creating positive change in your community. In this workshop, you will take a critical look at the law and at leadership roles and responsibilities. This workshop empowers chiefs and councils to achieve effective governance and consider the opportunities for Nation rebuilding. Read More >

Citizen Engagement and Community Approval

It is vital that First Nations determine the best ways for their citizens to contribute to important decisions. What matters most is that the process of decision making be open, inclusive, appropriate to the community, and that issues are widely understood. Citizen engagement is a process for giving people an opportunity to understand issues and provide meaningful feedback. Community approval ensures that the important decisions made on behalf of your First Nation are vested with legal authority. This workshop is for First Nations that want to engage their citizens and plan for successful community approval. Read More >

Community Visioning & Strategic Planning

The people are the foundation of our Nations. They share language, creation stories, community history and family relationships. Together they hold collective memories. When they gather to create a shared vision they are making intentional, political statements about their past, present and the possibilities of their future. In this workshop you will work with your community’s citizens to develop a shared vision and learn how to support your vision with a strategic plan so that it is implemented effectively. Read More >

Community Forum: Governing Traditional Lands

Where have we come from, where are we now and what can we do to include our traditional territories in our governance? This forum is for all citizens and starts with setting the context for governing your traditional territories. A day and a half of guided dialogue allows your citizens to identify issues and opportunties, and contribute to a plan for the future. Read More >