Thursday, April 27, 2017


First Nation Leadership Essentials

Download Workshop Brochure [PDF]


Who uses the First Nation Leadership Essentials workshop?

This workshop can be delivered immediately after an election to help build a common understanding and sense of teamwork among the new leaders. It can also be beneficial at anytime throughout a leadership term as an opportunity to reconnect with the critical role and responsibilities of leaders and its implications for nation rebuilding. The workshop is beneficial for:
• Chief and Council
• Prospective Council candidates
• Senior Administrators

Why would your Nation take this workshop?

When a First Nation is governed by a chief and council that fully understands their role as leaders, they can better utilize the resources of the community for positive change and nation rebuilding. Effective leadership increases the trust and respect citizens have for governance in their community. These are critical assets in nation rebuilding.

What will you and your Nation learn?

You will learn leadership essentials, your roles and responsibilities as chief and council, and how you can develop systems of governance to help restore your nation’s culture, well-being and economic independence. You will also learn practical skills that support your ambition to create positive change in your community.

Who delivers this workshop?

The workshop is delivered by aboriginal facilitators that understand First Nation communities, history, and law. They have been trained to use innovative facilitation techniques that communicate key concepts to a diverse audience. All material used in the workshop is grounded in our legal, academic and community-based research for restoring First Nations.

How long does it take?

This workshop is delivered over two full days.

Where are sessions held?

This workshop takes place in your community.

Download Workshop Brochure [PDF]