Monday, December 22, 2014


Introduction to Constitutions

Download Workshop Brochure [PDF]


Who uses the Introduction to Constitutions workshop?

A First Nation who wants to take the first step towards developing a constitution. The workshop is beneficial for:
• Chief and Council
• Traditional and Community Leaders
• Community Members
• Senior Managers
• Governance Project Coordinators

Why would your Nation take this workshop?

A constitution is an expression of self-determination. It supports economic development. It can protect culture, language, and values. It supports more effective decision-making, helping First Nations to get things done. A constitution is the guiding law of the land and a way to restore your Nation. The workshop can be delivered so that leaders and community members learn together and share ideas on developing a constitution for their First Nation.

What will you and your Nation learn?

You will learn what a constitution is and why it is important. Participants will discuss the opportunity and challenges of developing a constitution for their First Nation. Real life examples of First Nation constitutions will be reviewed. Finally, participants learn that a constitution must reflect their own culture if they want to achieve their vision for the future of their Nation.

Who delivers this workshop?

The workshop is delivered by aboriginal facilitators that have the knowledge and experience of First Nation communities, history, and law. They have been trained to use innovative facilitation techniques to communicate the key concepts to a diverse audience. All material used in the workshop is grounded in our legal, academic and community-based research for restoring First Nations.

How long does it take?

This workshop is delivered over two full days.

Where are sessions held?

This workshop takes place in your community.

Download Workshop Brochure [PDF]