Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Law Making & Policy Development

Download Workshop Brochure [PDF]


Who uses the Law & Policy Development workshop?

First Nations that are moving beyond the Indian Act by constructing new institutions of governance. First Nation employees that need the foundational policy analysis skills to create laws and policies that are culturally appropriate and meet the needs of citizens. The workshop is beneficial for:
• Chief and Council
• Governance Project Coordinator
• Senior Managers

Why would your Nation take this workshop?

First Nations are increasingly exercising their rights in many areas, including: land use, elections, education, citizenship, and child welfare. This workshop provides your Nation with the tools you need to improve decision making, maximize jurisdiction and ensure greater cultural match in your nation rebuilding efforts.

What will you and your Nation learn?

You will learn how to develop laws and policies for the effective governance of your Nation. You will identify areas of jurisdiction and develop policy options that are culturally appropriate. Participants consider how citizen engagement can support better law and policy development. After this training you will be prepared to identify key areas that matters to your community, identify problems in existing law & policies and develop a proper response to those needs through good law & policy development.

Who delivers this workshop?

The workshop is delivered by aboriginal facilitators that have the knowledge and experience of First Nation communities, history, and law. They have been trained to use innovative facilitation techniques to communicate the key concepts to a diverse audience. All material used in the workshop is grounded in our legal, academic and community-based research for restoring First Nations.

How long does it take?

This workshop is delivered over two full days.

Where are sessions held?

This workshop takes place in your community.

Download Workshop Brochure [PDF]